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11th October 2018

Skyline Partners, whose technology powered weather insurance offering targets the global protection gap, have recently secured funding to grow the business.

Accompanying the Lord Mayor on his trade mission this week, Skyline Partners were delighted to announce their recently secured investment from OneAdvent, an MGA innovation hub. OneAdvent boasts over 20 years’ experience launching businesses in the insurance industry and will support the company in the development and distribution of their innovative product. CEO, David Hill, said “Skyline Partners’ unique technological offering is unprecedented in this space and will undoubtedly be a game changer in an industry that is at a crossroads. We are excited that both our investment and platform will provide them with the tools they need to break into the market.”

Set to launch in 2019, Skyline Partners’ inaugural weather insurance product will provide affordable protection to the agricultural industry in India. The company’s founders, Gethin Jones and Laurent Sabatié, have spent the last year developing the technology-enabled insurance solution to give the underinsured an economical and reliable way to secure their sustainability.

Jones and Sabatié said: “We founded Skyline Partners to restore trust in financial protection and make it more accessible through technology and innovation. Our vision is to provide commercially viable and affordable insurance to the world’s underserved markets. We are delighted to work with OneAdvent and could not have found a better partner to deliver this”.

Regarding the Indian trip, they said “We are humbled to be part of this business delegation in India with the Lord Mayor of London. His business of trust is an inspiration and it is an honour to join efforts for a strong UK and India collaboration.”

Lord Mayor of London Charles Bowman said: “I am delighted to hear that my delegation member Skyline Partners has secured this investment. During the course of our visit to India there was lots of interest in their offer, and I look forward to hearing about the company’s future successes as a result of our trip”.

For more information please contact Laurent Sabatié on or Sophie Farrow on


According to this report, South Asia still remains a region with very high protection gap for Natural Catastrophes property where over 90% of assets are uninsured for flood, wind and earthquake.

In the latest modelled estimates, India looks even closer to 100%.

The global key root causes listed are very interesting:

On the demand side, affordability, trust, awareness and appeal are listed. The traditional insurance model can’t solve this, it is the main reason why there is an issue in the first place. Interestingly on the trust thermometer, financial services are at the low end and technology companies at the top!

On the supply side, transaction costs, moral hazard, regulatory hurdles and capacity challenges in extreme scenarios seem the main ones.

The solutions recommended by the report are around embracing technology, creating innovative products and bridging public private interests. It even insists that for Weather the best solution is to let private sector expertise develop a commercially viable solution and the government should step in to help with regulatory and when reaching the insurable limits in extreme events.

Skyline Partners Ltd partnering with IBM brings a very relevant proposition in line with this report.


Skyline Partners is premium member of IBM Global Entrepreneur Program.

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Co-Founder / Executive Director

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