Parametric Insurance
Closing the Global Coverage Gap
Through Technology and Data.

"$1.3 trillion (70%) of global economic losses derived from natural catastrophes in the past 10 years were uninsured."
Source: Swiss Re.
“Individual loss assessment is too expensive for mass insurance of low income populations.”
Source: World Bank.
“Fraud, moral hazard, and tail-related risks significantly complicate catastrophe risk modelling, particularly in developing nations.”
Source: The Geneva Association.


Skyline Partners

Skyline Partners's ambition is to provide commercially viable and affordable financial protections to the worlds underserved markets.

Natural disasters, climate change and adverse weather cause significant impact to the world’s population, most of which have limited access to financial protection. These risks affect many industries including Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Transport, Construction and Tourism.

Skyline Partners use technology and data parametric solutions to make insurance more accessible and affordable.

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Make insurance more transparent, accessible and affordable using technology and data parametric solutions.

Who We Are

Gethin Jones

Executive Director

Laurent Sabatie
Laurent Sabatié

Executive Director

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David Hill

Non-executive Director

Skyline Partners is a premium member of IBM Global Entrepreneur Program.

Partnered with MGA innovation hub OneAdvent, Skyline Partners (Ref:825524) is appointed representative of Advent Solutions Management Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Ref:308751).

We want to do well by doing good. This year we’re proud to be members of Heart of the City – they’re supporting us to develop a responsible business programme that will help us have a positive impact on people, places and the planet.

During 2019 we’ll be developing activities around connecting with and supporting our local community, making sure our business practices are environmentally friendly and improving our workplace for employees. We’re excited to keep you updated with what we’re doing!

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How It Works

parametric insurance

Affordable to all

At Skyline Partners, we recognise that everyone in the world has the right to affordable insurance products to protect them from natural hazards and adverse weather events.

Skyline Partners develops Parametric Insurance solutions which guarantee the payment amount in the event that your business or organisation is affected by natural hazards or adverse weather events.

Paid out in days

Using the latest developments in technology and satellite data, Skyline Partners offers these products at affordable premiums and guarantees the amount you  receive in the event of a weather related event.

You can rest assured, you will be looked after and payments will be made within days, not months, ensuring you have the funds when you most need them.

Amount receiving Guarantee
Work with all industries that are impacted by Natural Catastrophes

No discrimination

We work closely with all industries that are impacted by natural hazards, whether you are a farm owner, tourist operator, mining company, government agency, charitable organisation or anything in-between.

We do not discriminate by business type and offer different levels of cover to suit your needs.

We offer innovative insurance solution for adverse weather events, flood, drought, wind, temperature, rainfall, earthquake, any risk that is objectively measurable through data.

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